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According to leading transmission suppliers, Shaftec, remanufacturing is the way to go where possible: efficient use of existing materials and resources, parts which perform to the same standard as new and a more economical way to keep many vehicles on the road. Win-win for all involved.
“Remanufacturing is not just a poorer substitute for new. It’s a process which results in components that are as good as new, tested as new and perform in that way for the lifetime of the part.” Tom Curtis, Director, Shaftec.
In line with this, the business – which provides remanufactured and new transmission, braking and steering parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, operates with pride a thorough, efficient and safe ‘Recon & Return’ program for: brake calipers, driveshafts, steering pumps and racks. Put simply, this means: if used core meets its returns criteria, Shaftec will remanufacture and return the part to you, as new. And with the same warranty as a new part. 
This is all done at Shaftec’s impressive 42,000 sq foot Midlands based facility. The factory is situated in Hockley, in the heart of Birmingham’s industrial Centre and is fully equipped with the latest machinery and technology for increased efficiency.
The expert remanufacturers first of all assess the core for its reman suitability. The criteria is bespoke to the product being remanufactured, but in all cases, the core has to meet certain safety standards so cannot be broken or cracked. The team then utilise state-of-the-art methods and machinery and always use new high quality hardware and perishable parts (and new motors in the case of Electric Parking Brake calipers (EPB).
Do you think most workshops understand what Reman is?
I don’t think the vast majority understand the difference between ‘reconditioned’ and ‘remanufactured’. As an industry, we need to do more to communicate the difference so that people can be certain of what they are purchasing and ensure it really is suitable for the job in hand. A remanufactured piece goes through stringent reverse engineering and testing processes and then comes complete with the same warranty as a new part. A reconditioned part can simply just be given a coat of paint. Clearly, this affects the quality, safety and price of the component. We’ve spoken to many mechanics about this and few truly know the difference.  
How can Shaftec’s remanufactured products help workshops boost profit margins?
Because we invest a great deal of time and effort in ensuring we offer a range of excellent depth and breadth – off the shelf – our customers can always order with confidence. This ensures that they can provide the workshops with the parts they need, when they need them. This negates the need for them to purchase from the more expensive main dealer – and clearly then have to pass this cost on to the driver. Our parts also come with warranties which in many cases exceed that of those on offer from the main dealers. We also continuously invest in ensuring the data used for our cataloging system is bang up to date. We go the extra mile by making part identification as easy as possible, meaning fewer mistakes are made during the ordering process minimizing labour time by offering the right part, first time.
Is there market growth for reman parts with the emergence of electric vehicles and hybrid technology?
Absolutely. Electric & Hybrid vehicles require many of the same parts as traditional vehicles with the added technology, and therefore will continue to need the range of parts that Shaftec remanufactures. Moving with the times, we ensure we’re always up to speed with the latest technological changes and adapt and change our processes and machinery as necessary. EPB’s, electric steering pumps and racks etc. still wear out or fail - maybe even more so on transmission as the high levels of torque that electric motors can produce take its toll on the component.
How does Shaftec help educate garages and factors on the benefits that reman parts can bring to the business?
We’ve recently invested heavily in a new website and marketing material to convey our messages to customers and ensure they have easy access to the parts they require.
Having undergone major development in partnership with global data specialist Elcome, for the first time, the company’s website has direct links to all its catalogue data - significantly improving user experience by providing a more efficient service. Furthermore, with a fresh, modern look and feel, the website has improved functionality and enhanced content. With imagery centred around the business strapline of: ‘Drive. Steer. Stop.’ Remanufactured or new, it’s what we do’ the website is initially available in English only.
Marrying a modern, new design with imagery that captures the spirit of Shaftec’s heritage, engineering expertise and part production, it illustrates how the brand has developed into a major player in the European aftermarket.
We are also keen to offer advice in the form of written articles, have a dedicated technical helpline through which we can answer any queries our customers may have. We make sure we go out and visit the distributors and workshops as often as we can and in addition, regularly attend trade shows and industry exhibitions.
With more than 500 distributors, the business supplies: remanufactured driveshafts; brake Calipers; steering racks and steering pumps, along with new driveshafts, CV Joints and bootkits for passenger cars (PC) and light commercial vehicles (LCV) to motor factors across the independent aftermarket. The company was founded in 1979 and the Shaftec brand introduced in 1995. The midlands based business is believed to have been the first UK remanufacturer of CV joints & driveshafts. For further information, please visit: